CLICK Festival

Brainwave controlled installation & performance @ CLICK festival 2019

A co-production made in association with CatCh (center for art & technology), Haut (experimental stage for independent groups and performing artists), CLICK festival and the Danish Arts Foundation. The concept was developed and realized by sound artist Julie Østengaard, performance artist Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen and yours truly.

The installation consisted of a large pool of water in which brain waves from a performer would be projektet into as the performer was exploring herself and the space that she was put into.

Well Established Amusement Park

Interactive optic fiber LED installation exhibited during Copenhagen Light Festival 2019

Commissioned art piece made as part of winter themed exhibition at well established amusement park/garden in Copenhagen. The piece consisted of around 800 individually addressable LEDś which was programed to generate waves of light throughout the installation. The waves would be activated as sensors on the side of the installation would detect people passing by. In order to achieve a poetic dispersion of light every LED would have a flower made from optical fibers mounted on top. This created the notion of an frozen bed of flowers animated by light

DTU Center for Entrepreneurship

Large standing wave installation developed for the inauguration of DTU Center for Entrepreneurship

When DTU contacted me for this job they wanted a small technical art piece that they would use in the opening ceremony of the new center for entrepreneurship. However, upon seeing the room in which the ceremony would take place I realized that the concept that I'd developed would be very well suited to be suspended from basement to ceiling - which in this case would be 12 meters - and they agreed :)

The installation should turn on when the Minister of Education pushed a big red button and run for as long as the ceremony was taking place. In the summer of 2019 the installation will be permanently installed in the facilities belonging to the new institute.

Helsingør Municipality

Teaching lighting design to more than 125 pupils in Helsingør municipality

In early december 2018 i had the pleasure of teaching well over a 125 pupils from Helsingør municipality a basic design method approach to working with light. Pupils were introduced to iterative design, fast and cheap prototyping and collective brainstorming. At the end of the course all pupils would have prototyped their way to a unique lamp design that would both challenge how to diffuse LED light in a pleasing way and what materials one can use to achieve this.

Copenhagen Maker Festival

Large vortex ring cannon developed for CPH maker faire 2018

While working at the Technical University of Denmark I was made aware that the second ever danish maker fair would be held in Copenhagen in October 2018. Since I have benefited so much from the online maker community in general I thought I'd be cool to take part. Therefore I contacted the good people behind the maker fair and introduced them to an old fascination of mine - the vortex ring phenomena. They liked the idea and I began building :)

DTU Skylab

4 months artist in residence program at DTU Skylab

First ever artist in residence at the Technical University of Denmark’s innovation hub - Skylab. My job there was to both offer workshops in creative coding and creative use of technology while also making an interactive installation that we agreed would represent the values of Skylab. Since Skylab is a place of connections between people and skills I thought a project that would show these connections visually would be a great way of representing the organization.

Arduino at Vallekilde Højskole

Microcontroller programming crash course

Multiple times I have conducted a 6 weeks introduction to the wonderful world of microcontroller programming with Arduino at Vallekilde Højskole. The students get to learn about sensors, actuators, data processing and best technological practices while making engaging projects such as self watering plants and escape room puzzles.

Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark - Food Nation

360° promotional video for the Food Nation initiative

For this job I got to travel around Denmark filming 360 degree video at various food production companies and farms. The video was used as promotional material for the Food Nation organization under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. Food Nation is an organization which purpose is to promote danish food products and agriculture techniques abroad.

Danish Industry - Alexander Foss' award

Interactive sculpture made for the Alexander Foss foundation

The nice people at the Alexander Foss foundation reached out to me and asked whether I would be interested in making a sculpture to celebrate the first year of the MAKE initiative. After a few meetings we agreed that I'd make a sculpture that would encapsulate the nature of creativity. Thus I thought making a sculpture consisting of connected points would be a great idea.