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It is pretty amazing what you can do in the browser these days. As of right now I have become familiar with Three.js, P5.js and particles.js, which has very different degrees functionality and flexibility. I started out using the P5.js framework but quickly found out that it was hugely limited when it comes to 3D animations and WebGL in the browser. That said, it is still in development and it is ideal for 2D renderings. Futhermore it has a very easy, though limited, programming enviroment and is more than enough if you just want simple obj import and some quickly achieved motion.

At this time a friend introduced me to the Three.js framework, which, compared to P5.js, is much more complicated to master but has virtually unlimited graphical potential. Also I realized that because Three.js has been around for some time now it has a pretty good community around it which obviously makes the learning process much easier. Anyway, Three.js turned out to be what I was looking for and I can only highly recommend others who wants to do cool stuff in the browser to take a hard look at this library. It might look inaccessible in the begining but it is well worth it.