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ThonLabs is an interdisciplinary study blending art, science, technology and design with the intent of making the invisible tangible.

Reality consists of infinite levels of equally really phenomena, however, most of these exist outside human perception. ThonLabs aims to utilize technology to investigate the governing forces of reality in order to create novel and meaningful experiences. ThonLabs is striving to incorporate the feeling of grandeur and awe for the beauty of nature and science in every project. Consequently, creating experiences that encourages people to expand their perception of natural reality while also obtaining a more nuanced perspektiv on their own everyday interaction with the world.

Moreover, ThonLabs serves as a creative outlet for me to cultivate my endless curiosity towards art and technology. On a personal note, I hope to develop curious design and unconventional technology that pushes what is creativity and technically possible while doing so in a exact and playful manner.



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