connecting dots

After having exhibited at DTU´s main library I was fortunate to be approached by Alexander Foss' foundation for industry which is a foundation under the umbrella organization Danish Industry. They were interested in me to create a project that would serve as an price for the annual Alexander Foss' award. In order to meet their expectations, as well as develop a project that I felt had artistic merit, I developed a sculptural concept that I both had wanted to work on for a long time and also would fit nicely into an award context. It turned out that the nice people at the Alexander Foss' foundation liked my idea and they therefore approved that I could start creating the sculpture. Below you can see the result

idea & conceptualization

The idea behind the concept was to create a sculpture that would symbolize the conception of individual points in space coming together to form a new and greater shape. Therefore, I decided to make a sculpture which consisted of many single points in 3 dimensional space being connected by steel rods to form a fragmented heart. That way achieving hundreds of interesting angles and shapes in one sculpture, however, watching it from a distance reveals the shape of a heart.

To further achieve the idea of an interconnected heart I decided to add an interactive feature to the sculpture. The feature consisted of two white bulbs each located in different "ventricles" of the heart blinking with the rate of a human heartbeat. Consequently, the rate of the heartbeat would increase linearly with the distance a person would be standing away for the sculpture. Thereby when a person walks closer to the sculpture the heartbeat increases and creates the impression of a rising pulse.

This too was a really good opportunity for me to become familiar with with laser cutters and CNC machines in general. In addition to the actual sculpture and its interactive functionalities I was asked to make two unique laser engravings. One that would tell to whom the award was intended and one that would simply say "Alexander Foss’ MADE award 2015".

Alexander Foss MADE award 2015