In the summer of 2013 I decided to make a tesla coil. It was important to me that it would be similar in design to the ones originally made by the inventor Nikola Tesla because at the time I was extremely fascinated with early science and the mystery accompanied with early scientific discovery. I found that modern science had lost one of its most precious attributes - the mystery.

In response, I thought creating a tesla coil would exemplify the mysterious nature of the past. Reviving old technologies in order to both explore imperceivable levels of nature as well as investigating the mystery of early science has since become a continuous fascination to me.

The inspiration more specifically came from studies of both Nikola Tesla and as least as much the Norwegian pioneer in the field of the Aurora Borealis Kristian Birkeland. With the "Terrella" experiment ( a machine that simulates the northern lights as shown below ) Birkeland not only helped to understand the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis but also became one of the founding fathers of technologies such as fluorescent lights and CRT televisions. As it turns out, this project also come to be my entry to the field of electronics. Which I have since used in almost all me projects. However, these days I mainly work with digital electronics.

Technical Specifications